Join us in welcoming a new artist to our gallery ohana!

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Mele Kalikimaka from Pueo Gallery! If you are shopping for some last minute gifts, I'd like to humbly offer up our artworks and gifts for your consideration. We're still running 20% off on my work, as well as Erik Abel, Taryn Alessandro, John McAbery, Rowan Chase and now, Rebecca Frank!

 I'm very excited to announce that my fiance Rebecca has joined our artist ohana with her mixed media ocean scenes. She takes a clear resin and colors it with powdered tints, acrylic paints and more, building up layers over a wood panel to create wonderful depth and realistic aerial views of the water.

Sand and Sea, a 30" x 64" triptych

We've been selling her work for a few weeks now and they've been a big hit! She offers custom pieces, so if you'd like something made just the right size and just for you, reach out soon and we'll get it to you in time for Christmas!

Aquamarine Sea, 24" x 48"

She mixes up the textures of her pieces, with some (like 'Sand and Sea', first image) done in a more contemporary style with resin over the top of the sand, giving it a smooth, clean look. Others, like 'Aquamarine Seas' (above) are full of texture, with a chunky foam and exposed sand for a grittier, more three-dimensional impact.

Whitewash, 24" round

Inspired by the recent natural events along the west coast this past summer, Becky adds a unique UV reactive powdered pigment to some of her pieces for an added bio luminescent impact at night!

Whitewash at night!

Check out the currently available pieces by clicking any photo or by going HERE.

Mahalo for your support, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season despite these challenging times! Please let us know if we can do anything for you!

 - Lyle at Pueo Gallery

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