COVID-19 Promotion and Information

These are difficult times for many people in the world, and Maui is no different. We've reopened our doors as of October 15th, but it's still very quiet. The artists we represent have taken tremendous hits to their livelihood in this time as well. Finally, last but certainly not least, is our community. Hawaii suddenly has the highest unemployment rate in the country, coupled with an aging population that are at high risk. Many Hawaiians and other locals here also have multi-generational households, increasing the risk to our Kupuna. Thank you for considering supporting Pueo Gallery, our artists and our community! In return we'd like to offer a few options for you to consider:

  • Use code 20TOMAUI to donate a full 20% of your purchase to help feed Maui families in need!
  • Use code 10AND10 to receive 10% off your purchase and donate 10% to help feed Maui families in need!
  • Use code 20OFF to receive 20% off your purchase!

The discounts are available on any works by Lyle Krannichfeld, Erik Abel, Taryn Alessandro, Rebecca Frank, John McAbery and Rowan Chase, along with any gift items except ornaments.

If you'd like to help with a straight up donation, that can be done via the 'Covid' dropdown menu or by clicking HERE.

The donations you give will go directly to help feed local families in need. Know that your donations are going DIRECTLY into the hands of good people who are making an immediate and real impact for families in crisis in our community.

These options allow you to consider your financial position (we don't want to cause undue stress for YOU either) and balance your discount with the donation. We appreciate the business and support for our ohana at home and our artist ohana very, very much!