Treg Silkwood has a deep affinity for the elegant beauty of many natural forms he finds in nature. He loves the sense of excitement and wonder he feels when discovering something new along his walks on the California coast. In translating these experiences into glass, Silkwood enriches his appreciation for the intricate complexity of the natural world and forms a personal connection to the place he calls home.

Treg Silkwood’s career in glass spans more than twenty years. He received his BFA in 1996 from Alfred University, graduating Top Student of the School of Art & Design. Silkwood studied at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague where he learned Czech mold making and cold working techniques and with Jack Wax at Illinois State University. He worked as Master Gaffer for the Henry Ford Museum and was one of the original crew of the Corning Museum of Glass’ Hot Glass Roadshow. He received a Residency Fellowship from the Corning Museum of Glass and was honored to have his first solo show at Steuben’s flagship store in New York City. Silkwood is recognized a premier California Marine Artist and as one of the foremost artists working in glass. He has been a regular instructor at The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass and has been a Gaffer and Instructor at Pilchuck Glass School. He has demonstrated and taught at numerous national and international schools and institutions including Waterford Ireland and Niijima Japan.

"Enlarging people’s capacity for experiencing wonder in their lives is at the root of my creative process. I want the viewer to walk away from my work with a greater appreciation for the world around them and a heightened awareness of the natural beauty that surrounds them."

In 2002, Treg met Candace. The two immediately fell in love and soon after combined their talents to form Silkwood Glass, a custom, hand-crafted glass company. Treg and Candace bring complimentary talents to their partnership, Candace's painterly sense of color and good eye for design are coupled by Treg's glassblowing expertise and mastery of form. As each piece is formed from the molten glass, the couple shares a dynamic relationship. Throughout the creative process, their interaction seems choreographed in a whirl of constant motion and ongoing discussions about color application, proportions and design features.