Vibrant color and high contrast are the hallmarks of Rowan Chase paintings. His works, primarily landscapes and fluid abstracts, are informed by the undulating hillsides, broad ocean vistas and wild beauty of his home on California’s Central Coast.

A resident of the area for more than 40 years, Chase was raised in a household that encouraged an appreciation of its natural surroundings. There was freedom to sleep under the stars, build forts and explore caves on the family’s sprawling acreage. Tools were available for fabrication and invention, and it was during this period of exploration and experimentation that the foundation was laid for Chase’s artistic pursuits.

The artist began his career creating naturalistic shadowboxes and mobiles. These beautiful pieces led to his handmade pendants, table and floor lamps featuring designs from his portfolio. Always pondering his next piece, Chase surfs and lives in Morro Bay with his wife, four children and Bailey, his snaggletoothed dog.