As a mixed media artist, Taryn's process involves many layers and a fine balance between structure and play. She refuses to get bored or become mechanical with a painting. Using a wide range of materials opens up her imagination into a whole new playground of possibilities. Gold leaf, paper, resin, sand, corrugated cardboard and other found objects add texture, depth, and excitement to the work, providing both a visual and tactile experience. When creating a composition, she work from all sorts of references; photos, textiles, life, imagination, collage, design. Everything. Taryn loves experimentation and always welcomes new ideas and materials into her work. Each piece is a new adventure.

Taryn spends a lot of time observing people and nature, discovering unexpected brilliant moments of color and emotion along the way. The complexities of real people in raw, candid, everyday, unromanticized, yet beautiful, moments nearly always becomes the focus of her works, even when the figures are poised before backdrops of stunning tropical paradise. The found materials she uses in her paintings juxtapose the fleshy painted figures, creating a comparison between what is human and what is not.

Some artists will tell you that a painting is never finished. A great artist once told Taryn that a painting is always finished . . . and she never forgot that. From start to finish, she is thinking about a piece as a whole, letting it evolve from skeleton to skin, but always beautiful in its own right, like a baby maturing into adulthood. Taryn has been in a love affair with drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. Creating art completely immerses her. More than a passion, it almost becomes an obsession. She feels blessed that it is also her career.