The most incredible moments in Lyle's life have revolved around beauty and a connection to this amazing world we live in and the wildlife we share it with. He has been high above a sudden, heavy snowstorm rolling into Yosemite valley in the spring. He has been alone with Humpback Whales in warm, crystal clear water. He has watched the full moon rise over the Space Needle and downtown Seattle on a brisk fall evening. He finds joy in taking these beautiful moments and distilling them down into simple, compelling images. As the owner of Pueo Gallery, Lyle is incredibly excited to be able to share these experiences and how he sees the world in his very own space. To be able to live on Maui with his family next to him supporting this wild life is a dream come true. In the last half a dozen years before settling on Maui Lyle lived in California (twice), Washington (twice), Utah, and Oregon. Hawaii is where he belongs.

You can find Lyle at the gallery most days unless he is traveling with his clients, swimming with and photographing the Humpbacks in Tonga or the White Sharks in Mexico. If that sounds like an adventure you'd like to get into, check out availability at 'Aumakua Tours. He is currently booking for Tonga, August 2021.