Rebecca has had the soul of an artist since she was a little girl and could always be found with a brush or pencil in hand, completely absorbed in whatever had captured her imagination. Originally from Cleveland Ohio, she moved to Maui sight unseen back in 2001. Here she fell in love with the deep colors and movement of the ocean, which has found its way wholeheartedly into the art she creates.

For a long time (too long), she put her passion as an artist on hold to raise her beautiful fifteen year old daughter, Luci. Working as a florist kept things stable and allowed her a reasonable amount of creativity, but her art took the back seat.

Recently re-emerging on the art scene, Rebecca's ocean art has wonderfully realistic depth and texture, and mesmerizing detail.

She begins each piece with a wood panel, which gets layer upon layer of sand and resins, acrylic paints and tints. Each layer builds upon the previous, manipulating the materials in each pour to create remarkably realistic looking ocean waves complete with white foam and those perfect ocean teals, blues and greens.