Cover of Kiteworld Magazine and a full page Patagonia ad!

Lyle Krannichfeld

We were very fortunate to get a few amazing days out at Pe'ahi this past season, with November 26th, 2018 standing out as the best day in a few seasons! It was the first day of the Jaws Challenge and as soon as it got put on hold for being TOO LARGE, Lyle raced out on the boat and captured some amazing imagery. Kai Lenny was out there of course along with a handful of brave kite and windsurfers. A few images from the 26th and 27th made the rounds online with a couple of standouts.

Lyle was very fortunate to work with Patagonia on a full page ad in Kiteworld Magazine issue #97. We fully stand behind Patagonia in their mission, and can't recommend their wetsuits (all their products really) enough. Lyle has  spent hundreds of hours in them and they fit great, go on easy and are more environmentally friendly than the rest.

Then the very next issue, Lyle scored the cover of issue #98 of Kiteworld, with Patri McLaughlin on likely the biggest wave of his life. Cool as a cucumber, he said simply: "Sure glad I didn't fall on that one". Yeah, I would guess so!

Can't wait for next season!

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