Maui, Coronavirus and Us.

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Maui sure is quiet, it's really strange. I wanted to reach out and give everyone an update on what is happening here and also let you know about a special program we have just kicked off!

I don't want to 'bury the lead' so first up is the sale! We have started something a little bit different. We are taking 20% off nearly everything  on our brand new website, and you can choose to take that 20% in three different ways:

  1. Use code '20TOMAUI' to DONATE the 20% to help feed local families in need here on Maui!
  2. Use code '10AND10' to donate 10% and get a 10% discount off your purchase!
  3. Use code '20OFF' to get the full 20% discount off your purchase!

This allows you to balance your needs (discount) with helping out local families (donation). No pressure, we just want to offer it as an opportunity to help if you are so inclined. Every purchase is also a great help to the artists you select to bring into your home, it's a challenging time to be an artist. We got our first sale on the new promotion this morning with a full donation! Whoop!

For more information on the promotion, please visit the page I've set up for it by clicking the button below! It is a great discount, it helps us, helps our community and help our artists. If you've been thinking of purchasing, this is a wonderful time to do it!

We added gift cards to the site as well, folks seem to like the option as a way to support so here you go!

We closed the doors to our beloved and nearly new Paia gallery space on St. Patty's Day. It used to be my favorite holiday, not so sure any more! The vast majority of Maui followed suit on March 19th along with the stay at home order, and we literally boarded up the shop a few days after that (There was a break-in down the street from us). Maui is currently only seeing one flight a day I believe, and passengers have to do a 14 day mandatory quarantine, so very few people are flying in. Businesses are starting to close for good, with a good friend of mine permanently closing the doors to his gallery last month. It is really sad to see.

We are however finally getting some GOOD news! We have seen one or zero new cases daily over the past week! Yesterday, Mayor Victorino announced that they are re-opening select beach and county parks for use, though with mandatory masks and social distancing required...and no sitting! It is progress though. We hear there will be more businesses re-opening soon as we gradually turn Maui back online. The real unknown is when visitors will be allowed back in numbers. With hot spots all over the world, I fear it will be longer to see that happen. 

Some of you have had the pleasure of meeting my fiancé Becky, either at a Tuesday show or in the gallery. She also works full time at Whole Foods, so she's been feeling the pressure of that every day.  Be nice to folks working in those essential businesses! Fortunately, our family has been healthy throughout all of this.With everything going on, I've taken the last  six weeks to build out an all new website, so now everyone can purchase directly on the website and it has some nice bells and whistles. For my work you can see and select mounts and framing options right there, and you can even chat with me instantly on the site (from roughly 8am-9pm our time)!  I do still have lots of new travel images to get on the site, including images from  Tonga, New Zealand, Guadalupe, San Francisco and Death  Valley.

Luci practicing her Ukulele in our yard. Beats class any day!

Things aren't pretty, but we're confident we will re-open and that life will be back to normal in a few months! As always, my family and I appreciate you guys and gals very much for the continued support...most especially in these challenging times. Thanks for reading, I hope your ohana are healthy, hanging in there and staying sane if you are cooped up at home.  


Sincerest mahalos, 

 Lyle and all of us at Pueo Gallery

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