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Golden Gate Glow

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I wrapped up my Death Valley trip with a quick evening in San Francisco to make an attempt at this image. It's always great to be able to tack on an additional location to a shoot, but the downside is that I don't have time to scout a new place out and have to just wing it. This resulted in me choosing Baker Beach as my primary spot with Marshall's Beach as a backup location depending on what I found when I arrived. I knew they'd have nice light at sunset and the swell coming in just right would add to the image.

I got there with plenty of time and sure enough I wasn't feeling the options at Baker. Already sore and worn out from Death Valley (in particular, the two trips out on the sand dunes) I grudgingly decided to hike the somewhat strenuous mile or so down the beach, up the hill and back down to Marshall's for a better angle. I was thrilled to find this view and immediately knew I'd made the right choice as the sky exploded, the waves crashed and the tide gave me beautiful reflections on the sand...until 30 minutes after sunset and I realized I had maybe 20 minutes to get back to my car before getting locked in behind the gate and probably missing my flight back home. I'm writing this more than five months later and still have a limp on the left side, but I made it! 

For our limited edition pieces, we offer three excellent substrate options:

Aluminum: Our standard substrate, our beautiful metal prints offer an exceptional value. Dye is infused directly on to a sheet of aircraft grade aluminum, giving the image a beautifully luminescent appearance. With no texture, they are very crisp and offer excellent color, contrast and black levels. They are an unmatched value, are lightweight for easy hanging and are available up to 48” x 96”.

Lumachrome: An incredible, stunning upgrade! Lumachrome is a proprietary printing process, available exclusively through one boutique print lab. Lyle flew and spent two long days there at their facility, learning from their experts and getting set up to offer the highest quality print available on the market today. They start with an acrylic backer, a layer of white photo paper, then a metal infused color transparency layer and finally another layer of acrylic. This unique process results in unparalleled three-dimensional depth and an astonishing warm glow, giving viewers the appearance of being lit from within. Extremely sharp and detailed with amazingly vibrant color, Lumachrome prints are next level and we are honored to be able to offer them to you.

Acrylic: Our smallest available limited editions, we offer 1” thick, freestanding acrylic blacks as a nice option for a shelf, desk or coffee table. They are available on 3:2 and 1:1 images only and are 5” x 7” or 6” x 6”. They consist of 1” thick optical quality acrylic with polished edges, which is face mounted to a metallic photo paper.

We offer numerous options to beautifully display your new art that will vary by substrate:


Float Mount – Standard up to around 36” wide, our basic mount hangs the art ½” off the wall. Lightweight and simple to hang, they come pre-installed and include rubber feet to prevent marring the wall and to help minimize movement on the wall.

Inset Metal Mount – Standard on sizes above 36” wide, these mounts are ¾” thick and offer increased rigidity to prevent any warping of the print. They include a metal cleat, which keeps the print level at all times and this mount can be locked to the wall for rental units or in areas with high winds, etc. Inset mounts are also available as an upgrade for the smaller pieces if you are displaying them in a grouping and would like a consistent ¾” gap or lock them down, etc.

Exhibit Mount – This is our preferred mount, particularly for larger pieces. It takes an inset metal mount and adds a black Dibond backer to the metal, giving it a wonderful high-end presence on the wall with the added thickness.

Float Framing – With numerous wood and metal options, the metal print will float inside the frame with a ¼” gap all the way around. There is no glass or acrylic over the top of the print for a nice mixture of traditional and contemporary. They come finished with wire for hanging.


High-Gloss – This is the standard selection, simply because it is what most of our customers are accustomed to. Lots of shine, which results in the sharpest print we can get on metal. However, the shine can also result in distracting reflections, showing lights and windows in the room.

Mid-Gloss – This is our preferred laminate, cutting reflections significantly, with minimal loss in contrast or sharpness. We also enjoy the slightly more traditional feel that comes with an ever-so-slightly muted presentation.

Both laminates offer good UV protection, but we do suggest keeping metal prints out of the direct sun.


Inset Roma Mount – This is the ‘standard’ mount for our Lumachromes, but is far from typical. With genuine high quality Roma materials, this mount floats the piece 1.375” off the wall and hangs with large wood cleats. All of our pieces also include an acrylic backer, which prevents warping in humid environments. Heavy, and heavy duty.

Roma Mouldings – We offer a variety of the most stunning handmade Italian frames and linen liners and can frame pieces up to 10’ wide. Due to the specific and custom nature of these frame offerings, we are not currently offering them online. We would love to speak with you to help you pick yours out, please contact us and we’ll get you going!


Standard – 1/8” thick clear acrylic, facemounted to the Lumachrome print.

Tru Vue – Also 1/8” thick, our upgraded offering is optically clear, reduces reflections somewhat, has more vibrant color, increased sharpness and improved scratch resistance. 

We are offering this image as a Limited Edition print. That means it will come signed and individually numbered by the artist and the production run is strictly limited as seen below. Note that we are very picky about how far we will enlarge an image to ensure excellent print quality, so not all images will be available to the largest sizes. Our limited edition prints are meticulously edited, enlarged, sharpened and printed for the best possible results. This process typically takes more than a few hours, but the end result is worth it!

3:2 Ratio Images

5" x 7" -  100

12" x 18" - 100

16" x 24" - 100

20" x 30" - 100

24" x 36" - 50

30" x 45" - 50

40" x 60" - 25

48" x 72" - 10

54" x 81" - 5

60" x 90" 5

2:1 Ratio Images

10" x 20" -  100

12" x 24" - 100

16" x 32" - 100

20" x 40" - 100

24" x 48" - 50

30" x 60" - 25

36" x 72" - 25

40" x 80" - 10

48" x 96" - 10

54" x 108" - 5

60" x 120" - 5


3:1 Ratio Images

8" x 24" -  100

10" x 30" - 100

12" x 36" - 100

16" x 48" - 100

20" x 60" - 50

24" x 72" - 25

30" x 90" - 10

40" x 120" - 5

4:1 Ratio Images

6" x 24" -  100

8" x 32" - 100

10" x 40" - 100

12" x 48" - 100

18" x 72" - 50

20" x 80" - 25

24" x 96" - 10

30" x 120" - 5

1:1 Ratio Images

5" x 7" -  100

12" x 18" - 100

16" x 24" - 100

20" x 30 - 100

30" x 45" - 50

40" x 60" - 25

48" x 72" - 10


Our shipping can be a little bit complicated on our end. We use multiple facilities around the country, as well as ship from our location here in Paia.

For metal prints, acrylic blocks, paper prints, coasters and etc., it is typically 3-5 business days to ship and the shipping company will vary. Pieces may ship in separate boxes or crates and arrive at different times.

With Lumachromes we have extended production times with our boutique lab, typically 3-4 weeks to ship. Don't worry, it’s worth it! You should receive a call to arrange delivery, especially with larger crated pieces.

Please open all pieces within 48 hours of receiving and let us know right away if they aren’t perfect!