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Wai Side

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Inspired by Taryn's dog Rocky's favorite beach down the road from their home in Waiehu. Taryn is always intrigued by the ever-changing current of the water and intense "sparkle" radiating from the water. She regularly comb this beach for washed up plastic and other trash, and often use (up-cycle) these elements in her paintings. In this piece Taryn used aluminum can tabs as texture and illumination in the sea foam. The water was sculpted in modeling paste, coated in silver leafing, and glazed with alcohol inks and marine resin. The soft texture of the sky was created with many layers of tinted and sanded modeling paste with marble dust, and the sand created with layers of burlap. Texture is a huge element in this piece as it transitions from soft and smooth to shiny and sleek to rough - Much relating to the tactile way Taryn sees the sky, sea, and sand.


EMBELLISHMENT: Paint, modeling paste, gel, wire, alum can tabs, and resin.

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