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Ebb and Flow

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Taryn fell in love with this image taken of her friends, Kevin & Kelly, right before they said "I do." As they prepare to take vows of "in sickness & in health," Taryn couldn't help but relate marriage to the ever changing and unpredictable patterns of the ocean. Like layers in a marriage, she spent a lot of time creating many, many layers in this ocean- both smooth and rough. Taryn used modeling paste, sculpting gels silver leaf, paint, & glazes-rhythmically sanding them down and building them back up. The soft sky was created with a similar effect by sanding many layers of modeling paste and marble dust, revealing luminous layers underneath. The figures were carefully painted in oil, and his shirt color changed many times before arriving at this one. Taryn hung at least 6 shirts of her husbands outside to paint from during this process.


EMBELLISHMENT: Paint, Modeling Paste, Iridescence, Sand, & Resin.

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