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Rustic Lahaina

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This piece is all about aged metals and a very special sunset spot on the sea wall in Lahaina, Maui. Taryn spent well over a year on this piece - allowing each layer of gold & silver leaf in the background to age before she added another. The resulting effect is an incredible and luminous juxtaposition between old and new. She was inspired when she found various rusted pieces of metal at a junk yard, and hand-cut these to use as the sea wall and palm trees. The clouds are layered, textured transparent fibers, crackle paste and copper, and the silhouettes are made with iron oxide. This has always been a special place for Taryn to watch the sunset - She worked across the street for years and always took time to enjoy the sunset and take in the many characters who would also gather around in awe.


EMBELLISHMENT: Paint, gold leaf, metallic pigment and resin.

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