New images from Maui: Neowise and Secret Beach

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How's it going?! Hope everyone is making it through these uncertain times ok. We've survived the non-event called Hurricane Douglas, didn't even need to tape our slippers to the lanai!

I wanted to share a couple of new images that are already proving to be popular. Click on either image below to be taken to the website to see sizes and pricing!


Does it get any more Maui than this? Blue skies punctuated by impossibly fluffy clouds, palm trees rustling in the breeze, waves gently washing up white foam and beautiful shadows on soft white sand. Does it get any better? This image was originally shot back in June as a wedding present for a family member. She loves it, and I hope some of you will too!

Bliss is offered as a limited edition, up to 40" x 80" as a lumachrome or aluminum.


The ribs have been feeling good enough to get around, so I have been exploring the north shore at night trying to line up something unique to go along with the Neowise comet. I'd been seeing plenty of palm trees, lifeguard towers and beaches coming out from my photographer friends, but I wanted something a little more...intimate. Something that felt a little more connected. I also knew I needed a little bit of constant light for the foreground. Usually I time things to use the moon for foreground light but the comet was too high when the moon was out, and the moon was too dark clicked and I knew the beach in front of Mama's Fish House was just what I needed. They're still closed, but I hoped the lights in their courtyard area would be on. Arrived to find an empty beach, save three sleeping honu. Perfect! This one was in a great spot between the palm shadows and I could get a nice low angle to include the comet in the background. It was a couple of hours to wait, so I watched some locals fish off the rocks (you can see their poles on the left) and enjoyed the waves quietly lapping the shore until the comet was where I wanted it. I love the lone comet mirrored with the lone turtle in this one, peacefully sleeping away. Gives me that feeling of connectedness I was looking for.

This one went a little bit viral the other day, with 16,000+ likes on Reddit and a couple hundred shares on social media. I went back and forth on offering this as a limited or an open, and in the end an open edition felt right. Lots of folks were asking for it in a paper print, so here you go! Available in aluminum or paper, up to 40" x 60".

We are still running our promotion so please feel free to take that discount on the new images, or donate it if you're feeling generous =)

We aren't quite ready to debut them, but I can't help but tease a little something coming up...many of you have met my fiance Becky, either at the shows in Ka'anapali or in Paia at the gallery. Or perhaps she's even made you a floral arrangement at Whole Foods if you're local. What we haven't really shared until now is that she's an amazing artist. It's one of the things that really drew us together and has made us extremely compatible. Whether it's paint, pencil, resin, frosting or flowers, she has a startling amount of talent that was laying mostly dormant since having Luci nearly 13 years ago. I've been encouraging her to create lately, and she's come up with something lovely and unique that will be available on the website soon! I don't want to give away too much, but I am so happy to encourage her and watch her creativity blossom again. Representing her at Pueo Gallery is a given. I think you'll like them very much!

Everything is still pretty much shut down here on Maui. The 14 day mandatory quarantine is still in place and it looks like inter-island travel may get shut back down with a new spike in cases. We're open at the gallery pretty limited hours, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 11-3 or by appointment at any time. We're averaging less than three people a day through the door, so I'm taking the opportunity to shoot a lot while I can.

As always, mahalo for your support! Many galleries on Maui have shut their doors for good lately with Kohola, Evo, Nat Geo, Cesere Brothers and Maui on Metal all succumbing to the virus. I'm actually not sure there are any other galleries on the island that are open. All of Front St is closed. Much of Paia is still boarded up.

I can't tell you how much the purchases that have come through mean to us here, they are helping to keep this dream alive to fight for another day.

Please let me know if there is anything at all I can do for you!

- Lyle at Pueo Gallery 

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